A sacred space of transformation for
awakening souls.

Welcome to Conscious Evolution

I was guided to create this program to support you to
move through your personal development and
awakening journey with more ease, empowerment and

We are all going through so much on planet Earth.

We are expanding our consciousness more rapidly than ever before, we are healing our wounds, clearing our limitations, transforming our shadow aspects and we are moving into more self awareness.

We are being supported into more self-worth and self-empowerment and we are being encouraged by our own Higher Self to live and express more of our true Soul path.

All of these important and precious aspects of our awakening journey are uplifted and supported when we have tools, resources, guidance and community.

That is why I created this program.

My vision for this sacred space is to support you to
become the most empowered and self loving being you can be while living your highest Soul path.

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Leisha is a beautiful genuine person. As a healer and intuitive she has a grace and presence that is unsurpassed. Leisha has helped me profoundly in my life over a number of years. Meeting Leisha has been the greatest gift. I have complete trust in Leisha’s  raw honesty, insight and ability to connect with humanity with empathy.  She is generous,  open, loving, kind and giving,  individually and within a group setting. 

The training tools available on the CE website are my safe haven to run too daily for growth, self acceptance and realisation. The Meditations are grounding, peaceful, and create  space so I can breath, rest and then be guided by an inner peace and sense of knowing.  Leisha’s ability to connect to each individual in a group setting through her CE membership is miraculous and powerful. Leisha has an  innate ability to listen, feel,  see and then deliver exactly what you need at the perfect time. I have praise and the highest of recommendations for the CE membership.  Thank

Rachel Morris
Nurse, Byron Bay

I love being a part of Leisha's Conscious Evolution membership program. Now more than ever, I feel like I have a safe haven just for me whenever I need it. Leisha's ability  to 'read' a group and get a sense of what people are experiencing and what they need is profound and life-changing.  I find each group transformation call extremely powerful and deeply restorative. The discussion, guided healing, information and process we move through as a group is incredible. The resources available in this membership (both audio and PDF) are also a game-changer - the ability to listen to a guided meditation or read a scripted process at any time means I'm always able to reclaim a healthy mental and emotional state if I choose to.  I joined up because I wanted support to not just manage life but live it joyfully and wholeheartedly.  This program is helping me do that AND brings more love, creativity and support to my family and clients because I'm looking after me first.’

Abby Clemence
Found & CEO Infinity Sponsorship.

I have been working with Leisha for three years now 1:1 and group work. I have to say that her Conscious Evolution membership is an absolute must in your personal and spiritual development tool kit. Leisha has this uncanny ability to be able to connect to everyone in the group, and even though you are in a group healing, you feel like she is speaking to you directly. The power of her group sessions blows my mind every time. Our collective energy seems to amplify the healing, she helps you bring to the surface and heal wounds not only from the present moment but from all aspects of time and reality. I have never felt so connected and safe to grow through my limitations and be my authentic powerful self. Thank you Leisha you truly have an incredible gift.

Shelley Colthurst
Tranformational Life Coach and Healer, Choose Your Life

The 5 pillars of this

Ascension Teachings & Information

I will share teachings and information that has channelled through to me over the years about this New Paradigm shift we are all experiencing. There are key pieces of information that have totally changed my reality for the better and I know they will assist you too to move more into your 5D, expanded and empowered self uplifting every paradigm of your life. This membership is here to support you through the shifts, upgrades, questions, transitions and cycles that come with this incredible time of personal and collective ascension.

Live Transformation Calls

I have created these calls to guide you through every paradigm of shift you are experiencing. These 90m calls are live but are just as powerful in replay form. I tune into all members in the collective group whether you are there on the live call or not. We work though emotional wounding, imprints, personal pattens and limitations, fears and blocks and other energies preventing you from finding clarity, direction, joy and self-love. Every call will also focus on what needs to embody, anchor and expand within you for empowerment and life path manifestation. I also make time for Q&A so you can ask any questions you might have about collective shifts and energies, about what is going on for you personally or anything else.

A Private, Supportive Community

An integral part of this membership program is creating a sacred, supportive space for sharing and connection. Connect with other members, share your insights and your shifts and connect with me as I communicate on a regular basis within this forum. I also bring through remote healing support for the group between calls as guided to help you integrate the calls and move through your journey with more ease.

Regular Ascension Support, Updates, News and Guidance

As information and channelled messages arrive in my awareness I will share them with this group on an ongoing basis. These might be written posts or audio recording that have come through especially for this private members only group.

A Resource Library

On entering your membership portal there will be resources for you straight away. I will continue to create more resources and support tools as the needs of the group grow and expand. I will create meditations, audio process tools, script work and other prayer work, videos and micro-courses based on how the group flows and the guidance that comes through as how to best support you.

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What’s Included?

Live Transformation Calls

I will guide you through a powerful 90m monthly call that supports you into transformation around the following 4 area's; collective ascension updates, guided process to clear and heal blocks and limitations, support to embody Higher Self aspects and self-empowerment and support to awaken and activate your true Soul path.

Live Q&A

Every call I will offer an opportunity for live questions about what is going on in the collective or for you personally.

Private Facebook Community

This is a sacred space of support and connection with a like-minded community. I will share updates, information, guidance, inspiration and other kinds of sharing throughout the program. I also bring through remote healing support for the group between calls as guided to help you integrate the calls and move through your journey with more ease.

Growing Library of Resources

I will create resources and tools and add them to the program as the needs of the group become clear and as more channels through as the program unfolds.


Is this an ongoing membership program?

Yes this is a monthly program that has no end date at this point in time. You are free to cancel your membership at any time.

What happens if I miss the live calls?

I tune in to every participant in the quantum field, past, present, future, calling you in by proxy. This means if you cannot get to a live call you are still energetically present and the healing and activations are received by your being on other levels. I am also able to tune into your specific energies and needs even if you are not physically present on the call. When you listen to the replay you are able to also have a conscious experience of the themes and subjects of that call and can experience the clearing and healing. Replays will be available inside the membership portal.

What can I expect to experience?

Like all energy work or healing and activating experiences, it varies greatly per individual. Come to calls or replays with an open mind,  with no expectations and with an intention that you are ready to expand in positive ways. You might experience energy shifts, revelations, more self awareness,  healing experiences, more clarity, more self empowerment and a connection to like-minded community as well as direct changes in your life experience and more.

What kind of resources and tools will be included?

I will create activation prayers, audio process work, meditations, mini-courses, script work and other tools based on the needs of the group and based on the themes and cycles that emerge as the program unfolds. These resources will be added to a growing library that you will always have access to. If the program at any time in the future was to discontinue you will be able to download all the tools and resources.
I invite you wholeheartedly into this sacred space of transformation, healing and empowerment.

Come and join me in a supportive, uplifting and inspirational community so you can be supported on every level of your being. 

I am so honoured to be able to create this program and to share it with you.

CE Membership




Then AUD$47.00
Monthly payments
90m Live Monthly Transformation Calls
Teachings and Updates About the New 
Paradigm Shif
A Growing Resource Library of Tools
A private community
PLUS a free BONUS mini-course on MANIFESTATION in the NEW PARADIGM
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Committing yourself to evolve as a human being and living your truth is no easy task. You need someone who can unravel the questions and experiences that come up on your journey. Leisha is that person for me. With her unique gifts she provides a platform of deep spiritual insight. She shines a light on those challenging areas in your life you can’t make sense of on your own sometimes. Leisha gives you the faith and tools to keep moving forward on your path.

I have worked with Leisha for over 3 years now. The shifts and growth I have had have been so deep and profound. Her ability to tune into exactly what’s going on for you, get to the core of it and help you clear it is remarkable. She has such a beautiful, caring, and nurturing nature, continuing to work with her in her Conscious Evolution program was an easy decision for me to make. Her ability to tune into the group consciousness and help every single person release and shift old patterns, beliefs and wounding is amazing, she is one in a million! The tools and resources she has created are very potent and I use them on a regular basis. It is so comforting to know I am supported by a group of like-minded people who are there to support me whenever I need. Thank you Leisha!

Janelle Noppert
Business Owner. Gold Coast Australia.

"It has been so so reassuring to have a safe space in the CE group especially now at a time when things are so uncertain. Leisha doesn’t just support us as we navigate these times of change but she also helps us gain clarity and understanding as to why these changes are happening in the world. Every group call includes a healing session to assist us to integrate our fears, wounds and limitations and create more empowerment and ease in our lives. These healing sessions are so powerful that I always feel a huge shift and release after the sessions. I find that I am a lot less anxious/fearful about what is happening in the world because of these sessions. It’s also a space, unlike anything I’ve ever come across. And I am so grateful for it!"

Tiffany Chechillot
Webdesigner. Hautes-Alpes France.

Jacqueline Hudson

I have worked with Leisha for the past 6 years as a private client. I have also had the opportunity to group coaching with her, most recently as part of the Conscious Evolution program. Working with Leisha facilitating a collective group is powerful and in many ways goes beyond one-on-one work. I am so grateful that Leisha has put together the Conscious Evolution program so more people are able to access her work at an incredibly affordable price point. Leisha has also put together an online community which is a great place to connect with like-minded souls and be supported on our journey.

Nicole Dennis
Business Owner. QLD AustraliaBusiness Owner. QLD Australia

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